15-Time Baltimore Running Festival Participants Released

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15-AnnivIn 2001, we held the first ever Baltimore Running Festival. The event included no half-marathon and we had 4829 people cross the finish line after running the full 26.2 course.  This course was much different than it is today– and if you can believe it much hillier! (Ask anyone on the list below.  We still hear about this when we go to other race expos.)

Of those 4829 runners 69 have crossed the finish line each of the previous 14 years.  And 29 of them have completed the full marathon every year.  You can view the list of these 68 incredibly durable athletes HERE.

During our 10th anniversary, we named this group the MoVeRs (Most Valuable Runners).  We plan to honor the MoVeRs once again at our event this year in several ways (details pending).  And we hope the rest of you join us in celebrating their accomplishments that spanned a decade and a half.

Please Note :  If you think you should be added to this list, please email us at[email protected] with some details of your participation and we can research our database.

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