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King Crab Challenge



The Royal Scribes have been hard at work scouring the Kingdom's Record of Citizenship and they have good news to report! The Kingdom has produced a large number of brave souls who have accepted the King Crab Challenge straight away and are already eligible to become members of the royal court should they complete their quests. This is a grand contingent that will very much please the King.

However, the Scribes have also uncovered many citizens who are on the path of success but need to hence forth register for one final leg of the quest to be fully vested in becoming a King Crab. In addition there are countless citizens who at this time are only willing to accept the challenge of one leg of the quest. (We will not speakth of the forsaken couch potato who does has not yet answered the call from the King to protect the very ground that He walks on daily. I hopeth they do not hear the cry of "Off with Their Heads" while they lay in waiting.)

Messages have been delivered to Town Crier of each village so that she may call upon these citizens to join in the quest and help the King unite the Kingdom. You can learn of the brave citizens who have chosen to protect thy Kingdom as well as those who are close to accepting all of the quests by clicking on the buttons below:




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TownCrierIT IS BY ORDER OF KING CORRIGAN, THAT I HERE BY READ THIS DECREE:  There is no question that the members of the running kingdom love the challenge of a quest.  And the only thing that they love more than a challenge is the SWAG they get for accomplishing that quest. Corrigan Sports is ready to throw down its latest gauntlet and summon all runners to take THE KING CRAB CHALLENGE in 2014!

Members of the kingdom who finish the Frederick Running Festival (May 4, 2014), the Baltimore 10-Miler (June 14, 2014) and the Baltimore Running Festival (Oct. 18, 2014) will join the Royal Court and be dubbed King Crabs, taking home treasures worthy only of royalty!

WHAT IS IT? The King Crab Challenge is a test of stamina and bravery over long distances and an extended time period.  Runners must complete the half-marathon at the Frederick Run Fest, the Baltimore 10-Miler and the full or half-marathon at the Baltimore Run Fest.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE? Any brave soul who thinks they can withstand the trials and tribulations surrounding three of the King's most proud possessions, in territories that stretch across the far reaches of His kingdom.

WHAT DO I GET?  Citizens who complete the three tasks as laid out by the King will be granted access to royal events and will be lavished with prizes and awards.   All King Crabs will receive the following:

° Three Medals-- one from each of the two running festivals as well as the Maryland Double-- to proudly wear as signs of their bravery. Backpack-web

° A Royal Satchel-- (also known as a backpack) for which to carry their royal treasure.  The satchel bears the marks of the kingdom in the form of the flag as well as the official crest that the King has bestowed upon the members of His court.

° Special Discounts and Offers--  Exclusive deals on other CSE races, official merchandise as well as other special savings from race partners and sponsors.  These will come throughout the year to help you keep your sword sharp and help you maintain on the path to success.  Start your savings by signing up for the Maryland Double now (thus saving $10 off registering for Frederick & Baltimore separately.

° An Invitation to the Royal Banquet--  All those who are dubbed King Crabs will be celebrated at a special feast open only to members of the King's Royal Court.  This event will be held in Nov. of 2014 and will truly celebrate your accomplishments throughout the year.

HOW TO I SIGN UP?  Those wishing to take the challenge should sign up for the Maryland Double on the registration page of the Frederick Running Festival (thus saving $10 off registering separate.)   They should also register for the Baltimore 10-Miler.  After June 15, the King's official Scribe will compile and post a list of citizens who are still eligible to join the Royal Court.

If you have already signed up for all or some of the races separately, no worries.  Simply email customerservice@corrigansports.com and we can get your registrations linked for the challenge. 

WHEN DO I GET TO SLAY THE DRAGON?  Well, those have been extinct since Richard I held the throne so we don't have that to offer, but you will have the chance to defeat your own personal demons and we will of course throw a few hills (mountains!) in your path along the way.









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