Introducing the BaltiMORON-a-thon!

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We all have non-running friends who think that runners are a little off.  They can’t understand why you do it and might even call you names behind your back.  Runners, on the other hand, KNOW they are a little crazy and are proud to boast about it!

The Baltimore Running Festival has come up with a way for our wildest runners to get their kicks and poke a little fun at the fact that most people think they are nuts!

Introducing the BaltiMORON-a-thon

Finish the Shop Rite 5k and the CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Half-Marathon on the same day and earn the well-deserved benefits! The 5K will start at 7:30am and the half marathon at 9:45am. Sign up for this special category and earn yourself (1) a special bib, (2) an extra medal, (3) a savings of $5 versus registering for the races separately, (4) your two race shirts (one for each race distance) and (5) a reason to say  “I am truly a Baltimoron!”

From the online registration page of the website, you will see a special category called the BaltiMORON-a-thon! Select this category to enroll in both the 5K and half-marathon at once and receive your special BaltiMORON-a-thon discount.

hon-smallIf you have already registered for one of the race distances but did not register for the BaltiMORON-a-thon, simply register for the other race andCOMPLETE THIS FORM to let us know you are now eligible.  We will make the adjustment in our system manually.  The deadline to merge your race entries is August 1.  PLEASE NOTE:  If you register for the two distances separately, you are not eligible for your discounted rate.

Medals will be distributed following the completion of the half-marathon. Your special bib will be distributed at the expo and will help our volunteers and everyone else identify you as a BaltiMORON-a-thon participant (and let them know to run the other way…very quickly!).

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