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Nava Health and Vitality Centers offer comprehensive, integrated wellness solutions to help you live life at 100%: take charge of your health and transform your body.

2017 can be the year of your best run yet — they’re offering 50% our Comprehensive Wellness Diagnostic, the proprietary diagnostic process that connects your symptoms with their root causes. The Comprehensive Wellness Diagnostic panel is the cornerstone of Nava’s holistic health and wellness practice, and a crucial first step in pursuing a lifelong journey of vitality through integrated, holistic methods.

Looking to commit to a lifetime of whole body wellness? Join NavaPreferred!
Nava’s integrative and holistic approach to health is essential to helping our clients feel their best. We find that our integrative approach provides compounding benefits — which is why we offer preferred client benefits: For just $89/month (less than the cost of a one-hour massage), NavaPreferred clients receive:
  • Monthly preferred points redeemable for everything from our Comprehensive Wellness Diagnostic to massage, acupuncture, chiropractic therapy, IV therapy, hyperbaric chamber therapy, and more!
  • Preferred pricing on all products and services (up to 40%!)
  • Free shopping for Nava nutraceuticals and supplements
  • Free access to Nava classes and events

Ready to reap the benefits of a consistent holistic health regimen? Click here to learn more, or call at 844-602-6282 to enroll now!

Don’t miss these amazing specials to boost your race performance:

  • 50% Off Wellness Diagnostic + Custom Vitality Plan: The Comprehensive Wellness Diagnostic is the cornerstone of Nava’s holistic health and wellness practice, and consists of a proprietary diagnostic process that connects your symptoms with their root causes. Based on your results, we develop a Custom Vitality Plan to help you treat any issues and achieve optimal wellness.
  • NavaRace and NavaRace+ Packages: We developed this package specifically to help runners prepare and recover from a big race, with the goal of optimizing performance. We’ll begin with a Wellness Diagnostic to understand how to amplify your performance on a cellular level, then recommend a therapy protocol that will ensure your body is prepped to perform its best – for your fastest race time yet. Click here to learn more about the NavaRace packages and to redeem this offer!
  • $25 off any therapy: We’re offering $25 off any Nava therapy leading up to the Baltimore Marathon! Choose from a wide variety of wellness sessions, including nutrition counseling, life coaching, acupuncture, massage therapy, IV micronutrient therapy, and more! Click here to browse services, and call 1-800-762-6282 to schedule your therapy today — mention the Baltimore Marathon specials to redeem!
Learn more about Nava’s approach to a lifetime of health, wellness and vitality by signing up for our newsletter! You’ll discover a wealth of information on how to achieve balance, learn about our East-meets-West approach to wellness, and learn how our protocols don’t just treat symptoms, but get to the root of any health issues.



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