What They Are Saying About the Baltimore Running Festival

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  • This was the first time I ran this event, but seriously [the fans were] the best part of the race. What an encouragement!! Thank you Baltimore residents. I drove 800 miles one way for the crab and it was absolutely worth it.

    Runner from Peoria, Illinois after 2016 event
  • Baltimore is officially the favorite race I've ever done (out of 47 halfs). The neighborhoods were fabulous. Thank you Baltimore!

    Runner from Siloam Springs, AR  after 2016 event
  • This was my first time participating and I was so impressed with the support from the city of Baltimore! They made it so much fun I want to do it again...despite the hills! You are amazing Baltimore!

    Runner from Abingdon, Md. after 2016 event
  • As a two-timer I can attest to that no other race has as much community support along the length of the course and staying out for us slow pokes. Baltimore residents are truly awesome! Thank you.

    Runner from Fairfax, Va. after 2016 event
  • 3rd year for me and the residents of Baltimore are amazing...I got emotional around mile 11 because the love and support there is like nothing I have seen at other races. Corrigan and Baltimore. .great paring! !!

    Runner from  Severn, Md.  after 2016 event
  • Absolutely all of it! It is really hard to nail down just "one" favorite part. But if I had to say it was the community - all the folks out cheering all of us runners on and handing out everything from extra water to gummy bears to beer. I left inspired.

    Runner from Reston, Va.  after 2016 event
  • This was my 3rd marathon in a year and although it was hilly it may very well be my favorite. The crowd support was amazing, seeing the kids so happy to give out high 5s was so sweet. The scenery was beautiful, I didn't know about the different areas of Baltimore and it was awesome to get a running tour. Finally the race was very well organized and everything went smooth. I loved it all.

    Runner from Woddbrigde, Va. after 2016 event
  • The entire city of Baltimore was the best.  I've run other "big city" marathons but Baltimore's spectators come out in force. Can't beat them. Thank you all!!

    Runner from  Seaford, Del. after 2016 event
  • This was my 7th time running in the festival.  Spectator support was better than ever. Thanks Baltimoreans for making a great event even better.

    Runner from Bel Air, Md. after 2016 event
  • Perfect weather and the Baltimore police at every corner cheering us on along with the spectators and residents on their front porches waving. I saw Baltimore city in a whole new light! Thank you Baltimore

    Runner from Pittsville, Md.  after 2016 event
  • The spectators were AMAZING!!!! Their generosity was awesome! I got bananas, gummy bears, Swedish fish and Natty Bo!!!! I felt better after this marathon than I have at any of my others. I give all of the credit to everyone cheering on the streets for entertaining us. Best race ever!!!  

    Runner from New Cumberland, Pa.  after 2016 event
  • Absolutely love the medal! I had several friends run the marathon just to get the medal. Baltimore Marathon is excellent! Keep up the good work!

    Female Particiapant after 2016 event
  • This race had the largest participation of any race I have ever run, and the crowd support was amazing. I loved that the half marathoners and marathoners ran together for the last half, and everyone was encouraging one another along the way. Love! Love! Loved this race.

    Runner from Mooresville,  N.C. after 2016 event
  • I love this race. I love the people that come out and the spirit of the city. Thank you for putting it on each year. And thank you for allowing Athletes Serving Athletes to participate. Our athletes LOVE being part of this mainstream event and it is amazing to see what one morning can do for them for days, weeks, months afterwards!

    Charity Runner after 2016 event
  • The crowd support and volunteers was AMAZING!!! The sites and sounds and community support of Baltimore was UNBELIEVABLE! It really made a difference in my run! I can still hear the cheers and I remember all of the supporter's signs that I saw!

    Runner from Sparks, Md. after 2016 event
  • Finisher medal & course support among the best in the 54 marathon events around the USA I've run.

    Marathon Maniac Runner after 2016 event
  • The crowd was terrific. So encouraging, from big groups, to individuals and families on their front porches. They really made us feel positive. Police officers were also very encouraging and friendly....cheering us on

    Runner from York, Pa. after 2016 event
  • I have completed 13 Full Baltimore Marathons and would love to keep going for as long as I can. While I am a trail ultra runner, I come back every year for CSE's events b/c you provide runners with a first class experience in a city I love!

    Runner from Eldersburg, Md. after 2016 event
  • The support from other runners and the community as a whole was overwhelmingly positive. This was my first half and it was probably one of the greatest experiences. Everything was done well and I will definitely be running this for years to come!

    Newbie Runner from Parkville, Md. after 2016 event
  • I loved the huge diversity in this run! Very entertaining neighborhoods, crowd support, music and views!

    Runner from Terre Hill, Pa. after 2016 event
  • Amazing route. Loved every inch of the half marathon route. The community was amazing and supportive and it was one of the best experiences I have had at a race

    Runner from New York, NY after 2016 event
  • Awesome race - the only one I do over & over from year to year. I love the challenging course, crowd support, and superior race organization!

    Runner from Columbia,  Md. after 2016 event
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