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Congratulations on a GREAT race!  Your results are posted on our RESULTS page now.  But did you know your results page is MUCH MORE than just a listing of your time?  It has many additional features available to you, all courtesy of Verizon.

Visit the results page and search for your name or bib number in the search bar. NOTE: BaltiMoron-a-thon participants who want to see individual times by distance need to search by name, not bib number.

Once you find your name, click on it and have access to all your personal data as well as the added features.

Using the icon buttons across the top of your personal results page you can acess:

  • Your race photos (when available).
  • A video of you crossing the finish line.
  • A printable finisher’s certificate.
  • Share your results on social media or via email.

    All added features are brought to you by Verizon.


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