Back to School Savings!

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With many schools and fall sports not going back to school this year, we have decided to give students the opportunity to stay active and run the Baltimore Running Festival with a discount! All students under the age of 18 can save $15 on any of our distances offered! Plus take advantage of our free incentive-based training program to keep them motivated as they train!

Another opportunity to save! When you register you can create or join a social team ! All team members will get an additional refund of $10 when you hit 10 runners! That’s up to $25 of savings! This is the perfect way to grab your teammates (and maybe your family members too!) and keep moving throughout the fall PLUS get a discount. The best part is, you can participate from anywhere, anytime, and earn our famous crack the crab medal!

All those 18 and under will get their discount by putting in their birth date during registration – at the end, on the payment page, Run Sign Up will automatically subtract $15 from the registration’s total. We hope to “see” you & your team there! For more information regarding the virtual Baltimore Running Festival and our social teams, visit our website HERE.

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