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Falls Road Running will again be hosting a supported course runs for the Baltimore Running Festival! These runs will feature water and Gatorade Endurance , and highlight the actual race course routes.

Falls Road Running will continue their long standing tradition of hosting supported on-course training runs to help you prepare for race day. This run will feature three water stops and highlight the actual race routes.
Everyone is encouraged to bring your own water bottle as well as gel and other energy supplements. NO BATHROOM FACILITIES WILL BE PROVIDED.

The date is Saturday, September 30, starting at 7 AM in Patterson Park 

Eastern and Linwood Ave. Parking is free throughout the neighborhood. Canton, Fells Point, and other Baltimore City residents are strongly encouraged to run to the start. There will be 10, 18 and 20 mile routes and cover the second half of the race course.
This is a no-fee, casual group run, which will not be timed or held on a closed road. Runners of all abilities/paces are welcome, but MUST obey all traffic laws. We ask that you run against traffic or on sidewalks for best visibility and safety. RUN AT YOUR OWN RISK. Feel free to add or subtract mileage if you are at a different training distance that weekend. We will provide support for up to 5 hours.

RSVP to [email protected] with the distance you will be running.

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