You can earn cash and prizes when you invite your friends to join you at the Baltimore Running Festival. If you get 5 friends to sign up using your special referral link that is contained in your confirmation email, you will receive a refund of up to $25.00 as our Thank You!

PLUS if you refer 10 or more friends you will earn an exclusive gifts like an Under Armour backpack, a Garmin Watch or Airpods! These gift items are ONLY available through our referral program so don’t miss out on the opportunity! Rewards are cumulative so you can earn ALL the prizes if you keep recruiting!

Looking forward to seeing you and your friends at the event!


Referred registrants MUST use the unique URL that is contained in your confirmation email in order to receive credit for their entry. The system will keep track of your referrals through this link and cannot be added retroactively. Cash refund will go back to the credit card you used when you registered. Refund amount is limited to the amount paid (so if your entry fee was less than $25, you will only receive what you paid back). Prizes will be distributed at the expo. Referral Rewards program is not valid for Charity Team registrations. If you are signing with a Charity Team, you are not eligible for cash refunds or any prizes

  • Some restrictions apply.
  • Limited time offer. Race reserves the right to stop or change promotion at any time.
  • Friends must register with your link at time of their registration. Those who sign up without your link will not be added to your referral count.
  • Refunds will be automatically credited to the card you registered within 20 business days of reaching the required referral total.
  • Max refund is what was paid as your entry fee, whichever is less. Coupons and discounts will effect this total. (e.g. 5k registrants whose entry fee is less than $25 are only eligible for a refund of the entry fee they paid.)
  • Refund only applies to registration fee portion of the entry.
  • Transaction fees or other fees or charges will not be refunded.
  • Charity registrations are not eligible for refunds or referral counts.
  • Only the relay captain who paid the registration fee and whose credit card is in the system is eligible for the refunds. (team members who joined a team have paid $0 so there no funds to refund.)